Welcome to Hill Country Kennels

Hill Country Kennels & Rescue is nestled just west of Austin in what is considered the most beautiful area of Texas, known as Hill Country. Not only is the Austin area one of the most migrated to cities in our country right now for its culture, arts, music and especially food, but Austin is an incredibly dog friendly city. This allows us to expose a lot of our community to our unique breed and beautiful dogs. Restaurants, Stores, and most venues cater to dogs (on leash). Even after all these years of owning the Presa Canario, who doesn’t love to show these majestic animals off to our friends and neighbors.

Our facility is second to none being built specifically for the training & promotion of a happy, healthy, well tempered, confident Presa Canario. Each of our dogs, as well as the dogs we rescue, have both inside and outdoor runs (see Our Facility under About Us for more info) and offered top notch care, socialization, and love. Our dogs all receive family time, trips out and about in public, and the love of any beloved pet should. We are enthusiasts of the Presa, but first and foremost we are lovers of healthy, happy Presa Canarios where each and every dog we show is still our household pet.